Specialty Certification in SCHOOL SYSTEMS

School System Specialty Certification is for occupational therapists or occupational therapy assistants who work with students ages 3 to 21 who are eligible for education services under federal, state, and local mandates. Services may be provided in preschool, elementary, secondary, transition, or post-school environments; and may be delivered in either public or private settings.

Download an overview of Specialty Certification in School Systems.


The completed application will consist of 2 parts: the .pdf application (Part 1), and the portfolio evidence forms (Part 2).  Examples are also provided to help applicants better understand how to complete the various portfolio evidence forms.

SCSS—Occupational therapist (OT)

  1. SCSS (OT) Part 1 - Application - pdf
  2. SCSS (OT) Part 2 - Portfolio Evidence Forms - doc
  3. SCSS (OT) Portfolio Evidence EXAMPLES - pdf

SCSS-A—Occupational therapy assistant (OTA)

  1. SCSS-A (OTA) Part 1 - Application - pdf
  2. SCSS-A (OTA) Part 2 - Portfolio Evidence Forms - doc
  3. SCSS-A (OTA) Portfolio Evidence EXAMPLES - pdf

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