2015 ASD Annual Meeting Highlights Presentation

Calling all ASD Representatives: Now that you have attended the 2015 ASD Annual Meeting and Conference, it is time to share what you have learned!

Use this 20- to 30-minute PowerPoint to give a presentation to your OT student organization or class on ASD Annual Meeting Highlights. Looking to reach your peers who might not attend OT student organization meetings? Ask one of your professors if it is okay to make the presentation during class time.

What you will need to make the presentation:

ASD would like to know your plans for the presentation! Email with the date of your presentation and any feedback you would like to share. 

This presentation and handouts should be used for general educational purposes only. For all other purposes, including reprints, please contact If you wish to add content to the presentation or handouts, make sure to assign full credit to the authors and/or presenters. AOTA does not assume ownership of any additional content, edits, or deletions made to the presentation.