Research Opportunities Tables

Learn about priority research areas and share information with other researchers on recently completed and ongoing projects using AOTA’s new Research Opportunities Tables.

View and Contribute to the Research Opportunities Tables

The Research Opportunities Tables provide an overview of the current available evidence on interventions within the scope of occupational therapy practice and can be used as a tool to guide the research community during the topic planning process. Based on systematic reviews conducted by advisory content experts and presented in the AOTA Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines, the tables indicate that either there is sufficient evidence to support an intervention or that there is moderate, mixed, or few studies to support the intervention and therefore it is a priority research area.

Using a brief form, the tables are also an opportunity for researchers to provide information on recently completed and ongoing research. This information is intended to minimize duplication of research efforts, stimulate discussions among researchers with similar interests, and facilitate research networks and multi-site studies.

Interested in learning more about the topic specific evidence used to create the Research Opportunities Tables? Check out the following Practice Guidelines:

Please contribute recently completed and ongoing research using the following directions:

1. Click on the practice area tab that you research fits under at the top of the page.

Menu 1

2. Choose the specific category(s) that your research fits under.

Instructions 2

3. Click “Add my research” and a form will open.

Instructions 3

4. Fill out the form to the best of your ability. Be sure to choose your specific category from the drop down list, which provides the name and corresponding number from the table. If your research fits under more than one category, you have the option to choose a secondary research area.

Instructions 4

5. If your research does not fit under any of the categories, click on “Add my research” and choose “My research does not fit under any of these categories” from the drop down intervention list.

6. After you fill out the form, the table will be updated with your last name and your research affiliation. No other information will be disclosed unless you indicate that AOTA can share your contact information to others that are interested in your research topic. Please be aware that it may take a couple days to update the tables with your research.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about the Research Opportunities Tables, contact Susan Lin, Director of Research at AOTA,

We also invite researchers to enter their projects into AOTA’s Researcher Database. This database provides AOTA with more information, such as relevant clinical settings/populations, ICF level, funder (if any), and keywords, in order to help guide research advocacy and policy initiatives.