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Many opportunities exist for occupational therapists to play an active, professional role in serving older adults and others in need of driving evaluation and intervention and community mobility services. Older adults are the fastest growing segment of our population, and driving will play an increasingly important role in enabling them to stay connected to their communities.

AOTA's Older Driver microsite offers educational opportunities for occupational therapy practitioners to expand their skills in this exciting practice area and to build on existing skills in older driver safety and community mobility.

These resources include information on driving rehabilitation specialty certifications for occupational therapy practitioners, and direct access to continuing education courses such as seminars or online courses.

Books and Continuing Education

Focused exclusively on occupational therapy, we are dedicated to enhancing the professional knowledge and skills of educators, practitioners, field-work educators, and students, as well as articulating the role and significance of occupational therapy to other health care profes-sionals and consumers. We take great pride in offering you products of the highest quality and proven value.

AOTA’s Approved Provider Program (APP) is designed to promote the quality and relevance of continuing education (CE) activities offered to occupational therapy practitioners.


AOTA offers Specialty Certification in Driving and Community Mobility. Please click on the links below for information describing the purpose of this specialty certification and the process for applying.

ADED Driving Rehabilitation Certification Program

The Association of Driving Rehabilitation Specialists (ADED) offers a multidisciplinary certification program for driving rehabilitation. See ADED certification information.

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