Gerontology SIS

The Gerontology Special Interest Section (GSIS) GSIS provides a forum that fosters professional development and clinical excellence for practitioners, educators, students, and researchers concerned with the occupational needs of older adults. Section activities address practice, research, legislation, and education related to the full continuum of care for the aged. GSIS was one of the original five Special Interest Sections created by AOTA in 1977 (the others were Developmental Disabilities, Mental Health, Physical Disabilities, and Sensory Integration).

We offer AOTA members opportunities to exchange information, gain new knowledge, network, and collaborate with each other through:
  • Quarterly publications,
  • Electronic dialogues,
  • Continuing education programs,
  • Advisory councils,
  • Updates on current employment, legislative, and regulatory issues, and
  • Linkages with interdisciplinary organizations.

GSIS Standing Committee Members

Term of Office, 2013-2016

Jeannine Nonaillada, MA, OTR/L, BCG: Chairperson

Jody Niemann Priest, MS, OTR/L: Professional Development Coordinator (Forums)

Claudia Oakes, OTR/L, PhD: Professional Development Coordinator (Education/Research)

Stacy Smallfield, DrOT, MSOT, OTR/L: Quarterly Editor


To join GSIS, contact AOTA Membership at 301-652-2682, ext. 2769 or toll-free at 1-800-SAY-AOTA (1-800-729-2682).