Education SIS

The Education Special Interest Section (EDSIS) was created by the American Occupational Therapy Association in 1991. EDSIS members share a common interest in the field of occupational therapy education and include fieldwork educators, academic fieldwork coordinators, and students. The EDSIS has a Fieldwork Council Subsection for fieldwork educators and academic fieldwork coordinators.

As a member of the EDSIS you will

  • receive the EDSIS Quarterly, which contains many informative articles on education;
  • be able to attend the Fieldwork Council subsection meeting and Faculty Subsection meeting forum;
  • be able to ask questions to all members participating in the EDSIS discussion forum;
  • be eligible to vote for the EDSIS chairperson and have representation on the Commission on Education; and
  • attend the EDSIS annual program and business meeting to provide grassroots input regarding education.

EDSIS Standing Committee Members (Term of Office: 2013-2016)

Tina M. DeAngelis, EdD, OTR/L: Chairperson

Lenin Grajo, EdM, OTR/L, OTRP: Professional Development Coordinator (Forums)

Celia H. Schulz, PhD, OTR: Professional Development Coordinator (Education/Research)

Michael Roberts, MS. OTR/L: Quarterly Editor

Rivka Molinsky, PhD, OTR/L: Faculty Subsection Coordinator

Jeanette Koski, MS, OTR/L: Fieldwork Subsection Coordinator


Education Special Interest Section Quarterly Newsletter

Education SIS Discussion Forum (open to all AOTA members)

Clinical & Academic Fieldwork Coordinators Forum (open to all AOTA members)

EDSIS Teaching Tips (also found on the EDSIS discussion forum)


To join EDSIS, contact AOTA Membership at 301-652-2682, ext. 2769 or toll-free at 1-800-SAY-AOTA (1-800-729-2682).