Fieldwork Educator Certificate Regional Workshops

As an occupational therapy fieldwork educator, your knowledge, supervision, and direction are critical to the success of your students and to the future of occupational therapy. AOTA is pleased to offer you the opportunity to advance your skills in this important area at the AOTA Fieldwork Educator Certificate Program!

What you can expect to gain from this unique 2-day training for fieldwork educators and academic fieldwork coordinators:

  • Deeper understanding of your role as a fieldwork educator
  • Effective strategies to integrate learning theories and supervision models
  • Increased skills to provide high-quality educational opportunities during fieldwork experiences
  • Interaction with trainers through dialogue and reflections about fieldwork
  • Engagement in 4 curricular modules: administration, education, supervision, and evaluation
  • Analysis of strategies to support best practice in fieldwork education
  • Continuing education credit (15 contact hours) toward licensure renewal             

Currently Available Courses

Date  City State  Link  
 March 25-26, 2017  Richmond  Virginia  Register  
 March 29-30, 2017  Philadelphia  Pennsylvania  Register  AOTA Annual Conference 
 April 21-22, 2017  Billings  Montana  Register  
 April 21-22, 2017  San Rafael  California  Register  
 April 22-23, 2017  Bemidji  Minnesota  Register  
 May 5-6, 2017  Tinley Park  Illinois  Register  
 May 5-6, 2017  Nashville  Tennessee  Register  
 May 6-7, 2017  Bismarck  North Dakota  Register  
 May 6-7, 2017  Portland  Maine  Register  
 May 12-13, 2017  Portland  Oregon  Register  
 May 16-17, 2017  Lyndhurst  Ohio  Register  

    Group Rate Discount

    • 5-9 paid: 10% off ($202.50-member; $323.10 – nonmember)
    • 10-14 paid: 15% off ($191.25-member; $305.15 – nonmember)
    • 15+ paid: 20% off ($180-member; $287.20 – nonmember)

    Terms and Conditions

    Registration forms for all group participants must be submitted to AOTA in the same package and accompanied by one full payment to cover all registrations (less appropriate discount). Registration forms mailed separately and/or arriving later in a separate envelope will be processed as individual registrations and will not be eligible for the group discount, nor will they count toward the minimum number of registrations required. Group registrations will be accepted by mail only. No discount code needed.