Elections 2015 Results

Vote - Elections 2015Congratulations to the 2015 AOTA election winners whose terms of office will begin July 1, 2015.

General Election

President Elect
Amy Lamb

Vice President
Shawn Phipps

Directors (2)
Denise Chisholm & Debra Young

World Federation of Occupational Therapists Delegate
Moses Ikiugu

Ethics Commission Chairperson
Wayne Winistorfer

Early Intervention & School Special Interest Section (EISIS) Chairperson
Patricia Laverdure

Home & Community Health Special Interest Section (HCSIS) Chairperson
Marnie Renda

Mental Health Special Interest Section (MHSIS) Chairperson
Susan Spear

Assembly of Student Delegates (ASD)

Joseph Ungco

Vice Chairperson
Ellen Wleklinski

OTA Vice Chairperson
Melodi Boke

Elizabeth Peters

Communications & Advocacy Chairperson
Maureen Palmer

ASD Representative to COP
Shannon Kelly

Representative Assembly

Representative Assembly Vice Speaker
Sara-Jane Crowley

Representative Assembly CRAC Chairperson
Sean Roush

California #1
Arameh Anvarizadeh

North Carolina
Tim Holmes

Mary Arnold

South Dakota
Kory Hall