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Consumer Tip Sheets: “Caring for the Adult’s Caregiver

This handout discusses how occupational therapy practitioners can help caregivers of adults. It discusses strategies to help promote well-being in the caregiver, encourages recognition of the caregiver's needs, and provides information on supportive services

Articles in OT Practice

Brachtesende, A. (March 22, 2004). Helping Caregivers Cope. OT Practice.

Caregiver Assessment Tools

Family Caregiver Alliance - Feinberg, L.F. (2002) State of the Art: Caregiver Assessment in Practice Settings. Family Caregiver Alliance / National Center on Caregiving.

Reviews the Best Practice Criteria for Caregiver Assessment Tools, which should include the following Domains:

  • Caregiving Context
  • Knowledge
  • Functional Level of Care Recipient
  • Care Tasks and Skills
  • Health
  • Social Support
  • Financial & Legal Considerations of Caregiving
  • Coping Skills
  • Confidence & Competence in Caregiving Role
  • Values & Preferences
  • Positive Aspects of Caregiving
  • Strengths

Caregiver Strain Index

Caregiver Risk Screen (available in English and French)

C.A.R.E. Tool (Caregivers Aspirations, Realities and Expectations) – available in English & French

Caregiver Self Assessment Tool in English and Spanish (American Medical Association) 

Additional Resources

Corcoran, M.A. (2003) ”Practical Skills Training for Family Caregivers,” (Family Caregiver Alliance)

Multicultural Caregiver Resources

Family Caregiver Alliance - Fact Sheets on over 20 caregiving topics available in Spanish and Chinese

The National Advisory Committee on Rural Health and Human Services - The 2006 Report to the Secretary: Rural Health and Human Services Issues (This document contains an excellent chapter on rural caregiving with recommendations.)

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